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This page contains utility programs that are needed to use the disk images, or the files on the disk images.

The "Disk 2 File" program is what I wrote to create image files from floppy disks.

The "File 2 Disk" program is needed to create floppy disks from disk images.

The EXTRACT program can be used to extract file(s) from disk image(s), without the need to write the image to a disk.

PKZip, version 2.04G for DOS, as a self-extracting .EXE file.

The "UNSQ" program is used to "UnSqueeze" compressed files. These files typicaly have the 2nd character in the extension replaced with a 'Q' to show that this is a Squeezed program.
For example, UNSQ PROGRAM.EQE will produce PROGRAM.EXE

The "UNLIB" program is used to extract files from "Libraries". Libraries placed multiple programs in a single file, with an extension of .LBR
For example, UNLIB FILES.LBR will extract files from the library FILES.

Important Note!
Before .ZIP files, and even before .ARC files, multiple files were distributed in compressed form by using both LIBRARIES and SQUEEZING.
The resultant file had an extension of .LQR, and was handled by using both UNSQ.COM and UNLIB.COM:

UNLIB DISTRIB.LBR --> { ... individual files ... }

Some of the old files are still in .ARC format, which predated .ZIP files. It was a standard before SEAware pissed off the user community by suing PKWare, and except for some of these old relics, vanished overnight.

Some of the old files are in .ARJ format. This was another compressed file library, like a .ZIP file. The ARJ program will handle them.

Some of the old files are in .LHA format. This was another compessed file library, like a .ZIP file The LHA program will handle them.


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