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I realized that one thing missing from the D2F and F2D programs was an "extract file" utility -- don't write an image to the disk, just give me the files from the image.

Also, it turns out that WinDoze {hack, spit} doesn't like to read a floppy in a non-native format (i.e. a logical 160K image written to a 1.44M floppy tends to do bad things to WinDoze...)

So, I wrote an file extraction program. It will handle single files, wildcard files, directories, etc, from one or many .IMG files.

Also, the -V command line option will give the list of files in the disk image (not just the directory list, if any, saved in the .IMG file.)

Running EXTACT without any parameters will give a quick help screen.

The compiler used was the DeSmet 2.51 compiler, which is identical to the PCC compiler.

The EXTRACT.EXE program for DOS.

The source to the EXTRACT program.

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