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The "Disk 2 File" program is a DOS program that I wrote to save an image of a floppy disk to a file on a hard drive. Since floppies "die" with age and use, and searching through hundreds of them for what you want is tedious and time-consuming at best, this program makes for each archiving and searching. The image may be written back to a floppy via the F2D program.

As well as saving an image of the floppy itself, a comment field and a directory tree listing (and listing of files in .ZIP, .ARC, and .ARJ files) is saved in the image file.

By default, a flat-file containing the image name and disk-type information, the user comment field, and directory tree is saved in the file


The format of a DISKLIST.DB entry is:

{filename and disk type}{CR LF}
{paragraph seperator, character 0x14}{CR LF}
{user comment field}{CR LF after every line}
{paragraph seperator, character 0x14}{CR LF}
{directory tree}{CR LF after every line}
{Form Feed, character 0x0C}{CR LF}

So, for example, a typical DISKLIST.DB entry looks like:
example.img is an image of a 1.44M disk.
{paragraph mark}
This is an example of a disk image,
and an example of a comment field.
{paragraph mark}
FILE_ONE.DAT       1234   1-10-01    2:37:32p
FILE_TWO.EXE     12345   1-10-01    2:38:02p
{Form Feed}

Running D2F without any parameters will give a quick help screen.

The compiler used was the DeSmet 2.51 compiler, which is identical to the PCC compiler.

WARNING: This is a "quick and dirty" program.
Do *NOT* try to backspace over a line break, and *DEFINATELY* do *NOT* backspace beyond the start of the field when entering the user comment!

The D2F.EXE program for DOS.

The source to the D2F program.

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