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The "File 2 Disk" program is a DOS program that I wrote to write an image file from the D2F program back to a floppy disk. Since floppies "die" with age and use, and searching through hundreds of them for what you want is tedious and time-consuming at best, this program makes for each archiving and searching.

As well as saving an image of the floppy itself, a comment field and a directory tree listing (and listing of files in .ZIP, .ARC, and .ARJ files) is saved in the image file.

Running F2D without any parameters will give a quick help screen.

It's important to note that the target disk for F2D does NOT have to be the same size as the original disk. As long as the target disk has at least as many heads, cyls, and sectors-per-track as the original disk, F2D will create a "logical" disk image (i.e. DOS/Windows will look at the BPB, and address the disk accordingly).
This is important, as VERY few people these days have a 5.25" disk drive and a stack of 360K floppies. Instead, a standard 1.44M 3.5" floppy can hold basically any disk image.
F2D will warn you before it writes a "logical" disk image. Also it is IMPORTANT to note that you must eject the floppy, and re-insert it before trying to read the freshly written floppy. Otherwise, DOS/Windows will try to read that disk with the previous, physical parameters, and they won't work.

The compiler used was the DeSmet 2.51 compiler, which is identical to the PCC compiler.

If anyone writes a F2D program for Linux, I'd appreciate it if they would send me a copy.

The F2D.EXE program for DOS.

The source to the F2D program.

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