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The C compiler I've used for YEARS is the DeSmet C compiler, version 2.51.

Even when later versions of the compiler became available, I never saw a reason to upgrade.

Of course, the company is long gone.

Fortunately, they put out a "Public Domain" version, PCC, before they vanished. The version number on PCC is 1.2d, but it's identical to version 2.51 of their commercial compiler.

So, whenever source code from this site wants the DeSmet compiler, just use PCC instead. For example, to compile and link the D2F program:
PCC d2f
PCCL d2f
This compares to:
C88 d2f
BIND d2f
for the DeSmet 2.51 compiler.

Download the PCC compiler

More compilers will be added later, PCC just needed to be setup first to support other code on this site.


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