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This page contains source and executable versions of programs I've written over the years.

For now, this will be kind of bare -- just two major programs I've written. More will be added later.

VIM stands for VIrtual Machine. Long ago, I wrote an interpreter for x86 machine code. Setup as a debugger, it handles up to REAL MODE 80286 code.

Since this is a debugger, I can't let a bad program take out the interrupt vectors, DOS, or whatever. Hence the "Virtual" in the name -- VIM takes whatever memory it can get, and sets up the interpreter to use a "virtual" processor. So, when the interpreter uses Interrupts, DOS, etc, it's using the virtual copy, so that a bad program destroying them won't hurt VIM, the real DOS, real interrupt vectors, etc.

CODEGEN is a disasembler that I wrote, based on the VIM instruction decoder.

While it is limited to COM programs (and other non-segmented files, such as boot records, etc) and small-memory-model EXE programs, it is more intelligent and more flexible than any other disassembler that I've seen.


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