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This is just a quick little page to make some basic SCP 86-Dos files available.

I still have

around, and am making them available so that people attempting to bring up 86DOS on modern hardware will have them for reference.

A quick note about ASM.COM:
ASM.COM assumes that the file has a .ASM extension. So, instead of
ASM <filename.>ASM
the format is
ASM <filename.><sourcedrive><hexdrive><prndrive>
sourcedrive = drive letter containing .ASM file
hexdrive = drive letter to put output .HEX file
prndrive = drive letter to put output .PRN file
The .PRN file is just a .LST file under a different name. It shows the source, offsets, and generated code.

Using Z for either hexdrive or prndrive says not to generate that file.

So, for example,
would do a syntax check on MON.ASM, but not generate a .HEX or .PRN file.

The HEX2BIN.COM program converts the .HEX output of ASM.COM to a .COM file. So, to assemble and generate a binary for MON.ASM, the sequence would be (assume file on the C drive)
The .HEX extension is assumed, but can be given you really want to. Don't give an output filename, HEX2BIN gets confused...

The DEBUG.COM file is just the 86Dos version of good, old DEBUG, but has the added ability to load a .HEX file. This was actually supported in a number of later DOS versions. In fact, I just did a test -- DEBUG from Windows 2000 can load a .HEX file.

I'd be interested in getting more 86Dos files, and would work on getting 86Dos running on modern hardware. I got it running on the original hardware, and I've spent a lot of time in the past years is disassembling / analyzing viruses, so I have a lot of experience in assembly language and will generate source for the 86Dos system files.

If you have a disk image, please drop me a note.

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